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Q1) As given In period 2 the element A is to the right of element B, it means when we move across the period from left to right element B will come first and then element A will come.
1) The element A would probably have a smaller atomic size than B.
 Reason: The atomic size decreases as we move across the period from left to right.
2) The element B would probably have lower Ionization potential than A.
Reason: The ionization potential increases as we move across the period from left to right.
3) The element A would have higher electron affinity than B.
Reason: The electron affinity increases on moving from left to right across the period in aperiodic table.
4) Nuclear charge of B would be less than element A.
5) If an element C had a low electronegativity and ionization potential it would have more tendency to lose electrons.
Reason: Lower is the electronegativity lower will be the tendency to gain electrons means higher tendency to lose electrons and an element having low ionization potential will easily lose electrons.

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