Please anyone solve it fast

Please anyone solve it fast (ii) (iii) (v) (vi) (vii) (B) Put "have to. must, mustn't. need. needn't. ought to. ought not to" in the blanks in the foil. sentences, You ...................... They You .„...................... (iv) We Children permission. reach there before dawn. . be in danger. leave the place without . worry. Dad is there to help us. .......„............ I meet the boss everyday? I remind him again? (viii) You . play on the lawn. write your name anywhere in the answer book. . . . todoourduty sincerely. ax) We......... • not read somebody else's letter. (x) You It's bad manners. . respect your teachers. (xi) to have love for (xii) Teachers their students. . (not to tease) the animals. (xiii) We (xiv) The rule says that all the members (to be) present 15 min. before the meeting. (iii, (vii fix) (x) (xii, (xii (sv)

Dear Student,

Here are your answers - 
i) have to 
ii) must 
iii) ought not to 
iv) need not 
v) must 
vi) need 
vii) must 
viii) need not
ix) need 
x) must 
xi) must 
xii) ought 
xiii) must not tease
xiv) have to be


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Hey Mate,

1. Have to

For remaining answers please post the questions in separate thread.
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Hope the answers are correct!

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1) have to
2) must
3) ought not to
4) need not
5) must
6) need
7) must
8) must
9) ought
10) must
11) must
12) ought
13) ought not to
14) have to b3
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