Please anyone solve Q 24

Please anyone solve Q 24 e node: is 20 litres. me of the building. 2.50,OOO. land ABCD has the the plot in km. 't in sq km. ide to a scale 1 : 300. is 2 m. Calculate is 180,000 m2. 01 the deck of the e model is 6.5 m'. e of the ship (ICSE 20161 w, PB and QA are ne segment AB, If cm and area Of area Of AQOA 20061 is a triangle. DE 3 DE and {it') What is the ratio of areas of AEDF ticsE 24. In the figure given below, ABC and CEF a two triangles where BA is parallel to CE (i) Prove that AADF — ACEF (ii) Find AD, if CE = 6 cm. (iii) If DE is parallel to EC, find area Of AADF area of AABC. [ICSE 25. In the figure given below, ABC is a u.'ifr, LEDB = ZACB_ Prove that AABC — AEBD. If BE = 6 cm, EC = 4 cm, BD = 5 cm and, area of ABED = 9 cm2, calculate the (i) length of AB. (ii) area of AABC. D 26. In the figure given below, PQRS is a cyclic quadrilateral, PQ and SR produced meet at T i) Prove ATPS - ATRQ ii) find SR if TP = 18 cm, RQ = 4 cm and TR = 6 cm. iii) Find area of quadrilateral PQRS, if area of APTS = 27 respectiveiy 2S of the first corresponding (c) 6.2 cm 3. 4. to BC. If DE equal in If the ratio o 5. 16 ; 25. the, altitudes is In the figur. (a) II cm (b) 9 cm (c) 7 cm (d) 1 cm 6. In a right BO IAC length of

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