Please can u xplain

Dear Student,
The following are the answers to your query:
1. Hearing a loud noise: Gerund phrase as Indirect object.
2. is now fighting: Participle, noun: life, pronoun: his
3. by watching: Gerund as an object of the preposition
4. asking question: Gerund phrase as a direct object.
5. Jumping over the fence: Gerund phrase as Indirect object.

1. Before starting the car, always check the oil.
2. Praising all alike is to praise none.
3. I cannot go on doing nothing.
4. Amassing health ruins health.
5. Seeing is believing.
6. Giving is better than receiving.
7. Talking like this is foolish.
8. She loves singing songs.
9. The miser hated spending money.
10. I am tired of waiting.

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