Please change all.these in indirect speech

Please change all.these in indirect speech 3. The said, "I shall be explaining all these problems next week." 4. She said, "I am too ill to speak now." S. said to Ajay. "Neelam cannot give you her notebook today." Geota said, "l went to Meeta's house that morning." Z. The teacher said, "Tomorrow will be a holiday." S. The visitor said, "I came here three days ago." 9. She said to me, "I will come to your place this evening." 10. He said, "I shall discuss this matter next week." G. Changing Direct to Indirect in different Types of Sentences We have already learnt about the four types of sentences: Assertive or Declarative (making ordinary statements or assertions), Int

Dear Student,
3. The teacher said that he shall be explaining all those problems the coming week.
4. She said that she was too ill to speak then.
5. You told Ajay that Neelam could not give you her notebook that day.
6. Geeta said that she had gone to Meeta’s house that morning.
7. The teacher said that the next day would be a holiday.
8. The visitor said that he came there three days ago.
9. She told me that she would come to my place that evening.
10. He said that he should discuss that matter the coming week.

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