please check according to instructions.
Report the following in direct speech:
1. The boy asked me how old I was.
2. The stranger asked Ashish where he lived.
3. Ramu asked Nitin whether he had made a mistake.
4. They asked me what I wanted.
5. The young mouse asked who would bell the cat.
6. I asked Nihal if he would lend me a pen.

1. The boy said "How old are you?"
2. The stranger said to Ashish "Where do you live?"
3. Ramu said to Nitin "Have you made a mistake?"
4. They said to me " What do you want?"
5. The young mouse said "Who would bell the cat?"
6. I said Nihal "Will you lend me a pen?"‚Äč

Dear Student,

Please note that all the answers are correct. However, you are asked to put a comma after the word said and before the quotation marks.

Thank you.

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Hey Swagata!!!
The are all right.

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