​Please check and explain the wrong.
​Please check and explain the wrong. Fill in the blanks With suitable reflexive pronouns. I cannot believe it I did this beautiful painting all by and got lost. He has no one but to blame. He went off by 2. She has made in charge of the entire programme. She is gmng_SJ 3. undue importance. at the fair They are roaming about all by The little boys are enjoying 4. How did the dog find it way home ? By 5. I blamed for hurting his feelings by being so rude, 6. I have often heard her humming to 7. The Basus have bought a Labrador. dog is huge but so 8. This radio is automatic. It switches off cute, Feroz looked at 10. in the minor and burst out laughing,

Dear Swagata ,

All your answers are completely correct. well done! keep it up!.


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