Please check if answers are correct

Please check if answers are correct collective noun. A parenthesis is not included in the subject of a sentence. When two subjects are joined with 10. as well as, the verb agrees with the first subject. r UndwdRners_ The decides today. "The bouquet of roses is beautiful. jimmy (and his aunts) loves the new apartment. The boxers (and their coach) board a bus to the stadium. Rohit. as well as Puneet. works as a bank clerk. ent Nith ngs_ se the correct verb according to the subject to fill in the blanks. to school. (cycles/cycle) t Betty and her brother 2. Pankaj or his sisters the news every night. (watches/watch) , One of my friends to the Andaman Islands every year. (tours/tour) Each of the participants a certificate. (gets/get) 5. Sam and I best friends. (is/are) 6. The opposition leader, as well as his secretary, daily new government policies. (criticises/criticise) NO one except Mary the correct answer. (know/knows) Children (and their parents) a parent—teacher meeting. (attends/ attend) raw Now, fill in the blanks with appropriate subjects. Each wants to go to the wedding. Neither nor his are hungry. or the brings mud to the house. The wins every home game. The new cricket 41

Dear Student,

8. attend

​​​​Rest of your answers are correct.


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I think ur answers r correct
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which answer
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Yes it is correct
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2nd answer is (watches)
8th answer is (attend)
Other answers are correct

hope it helps

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