Please check if the following answers are correct.
Underline the verb and in the blank space, write transitive or intransitive.  If it is transitive, circle the object.

  1. The math professor explains the lesson.                    transitive            
  2. I drive my car to work every day.                    transitive                        
  3. Many students sleep late on the weekends.             intransitive       ______
  4. Louise finally got her license.                           transitive                         ­­­
  5. Does your family live in Minnesota ?               transitive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PLEASE TELL FAST! I WANT IT " BEFORE HALF AN  HOUR"

1.underline:explains   circle:the lesson                  yes,it is transitive
2.underline:drive        circle:my car                        yes,it is transitive
3.underline:sleep       circle:nil                               yes,it is intransitive
4.underline:got            circle:her license        is transitive
5.underline:live           circle:nil                     is intransitive               
 reason:if you ask the question what to the verb live,then you cannot say an answer,you cannot say in minnesota for it will make no sense.

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