Please check my answer
I don't understand this question

Please check my answer I don't understand this question KPS/CLAs / ENG usH/101/20L8-19 R EvtS'0N ASSIGNMENT-I Q-1. Hu in the blanks with the correct form 0' the Business studies taught in the senior ciasses in the b. There p' of space in the "Jor-n, c. One of the buses been stopped by the traffic policeman. d. •Twenty Years' _k_an interesting story which has the right mix of mystery and suspense. e. That pair of scissors too sharp to be by children. (is/are) f. Bread and jam for a delicipus breakfast to be relished b'/ all. (rnake/makes) Adventures Of T? m One of my favourite Soaks _ h. One Of these books been selected for publishing. (has/have) i. Social taught in schools tili class Class X. (is/arei j. Neither my brother nor to read such books. (like/likes) k Either her sisW or her parents _L_ been called in. (has/have) the jet-plane at a great height. (fty/flies) L The pilot m. Ten minutes enough for completing the Mental Maths paper. Ware) n. and been friends since our childhood days. (has/have) o. mangoes kept in the basket so juicy and yummy (Ware)

Dear Student.

f) makes
i) is
n) have

Rest all the answers are correct.

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Dristi your question is not clear.
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I think they are correct.
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