Please check the answer for the question given below Q) Baking was considered an essential and profitable profession in the traditional Goan village. what reasons does the writer give to support his point? (8)

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Your answer is corrrect but there are some grammtical errors and a little bit of details missing. The answer can be written as:

Baking was considered as an essential profession in traditional Goan village. The reasons given by the writer to support this Statement are :
The baker and his family never died of starveness.The baker had plump physique and anyone who had a pump physique is referred to as a baker.In marriage ceremonies, the traditional food items bol was essential ; the mother had to make sandwiches for her daughter's engagement; bakes Cakes and 'Bolhinas' were must fo any festival. For older people, the loaves of bread and for small children bread bangles were the most favorite breakfast. 
The above statements highlight why bread making baking was profitable profession in traditional Goan and also important of baking for the people of that place. 
Also Goa is very much influenced by the Portuguese. Baking was considered an essential and a profitable profession in a traditional Goan village. The Portuguese are famous for preparing the loaves of bread. We can come across the bakers of bread. It is their traditional family work. The villagers were much fond of the sweet bread SS known as 'bol'. The marriage gifts were meaningless without it. So the baker's furnaces were the essential.
"Cakes' and 'bolinhas formed an important item on various occasions like Christmas and other festivals.
The baker would collect the bill at the end of month.


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*Baking was considered an essential and profitable profession in a traditional goan village.*

(1). The baker was not only selling the breads but also representing his Portuguese tradition. The bread is used in every occasion, thus it is a profitable business.

(2). The question is asked from the story A Baker From Goa which is written by the writer Lucia Rodrigues. The Baker was friend, companion and guide of the children. He used to sell bread twice in a week where the children used to live.

(3).He used to talk to them, play with them. He used to bring new cakes and fresh bread during Christmas time. He was one of the essential seller in Goa.

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