​PLEASE CHECK THE ANSWER IN NEXT THREAD PASSAGE 1. Many of believe that •small" means "insignificant'. We believe thnt small actions and choices do not have much impact on our lives_ We think that it is only the big thin", the big actions and the big decisions that really cpunt. But when you look at the lives of all great people, you will see that they built their charücter through small decisions, small choices and small actions that they performed every day. They transformed their lives through a step-by-step or day-by-day approach. They nurtured and nourished their gocxl habits and chipped away at their bad habits, one Step at a time, It was their small day- to-day decisions that added up to make tremendous difference in the long run. Indeed. in matters of growth and character building, there is no such thing as an overnight 2- Growth always (xxurs through a sequential series of stages. There is an organic to growth. When we look at children growing up. we can see this process at work: the child first learns to crawl. then to stand and walk, and Enally to run. The same is true in the natural world. The soil must first be tilled, and then the seed must be sowed. Next, it must nurtured with enough water and sunlight, and Only then will it gro;•. bear fruit and finally and ready to eat. 3. Gandhi undcr-gtc«•! this organic prrreAS and used this universal law ofnature to his Gandhi grew in small ways, in his day-to-day affairs. He did not wake up one day and find himself to be the "Mahatma'. In fact, there was nothing much in his early life that showed Signs of greatness. But from his raid-twenties onwards, he deliberately and consistently attempted to change himself. reform himself and grow in some small way every day. Day by day, hour by hour, he risked failure. experimented and learnt from mistakß. In small and large situations alike, he took up rather than avoid re"nnsibility. 4. People have always marvelled fit the effortless way in which Gandhi could accomplish the most difficult tasks. He displayed great deal of self-mastery and digeipline that was RF'ONG Sl

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