PLEASE CHECK THE ANSWER IN NEXT THREAD A5SAGE 2 1. By the time a child is six or seven she has all the essential avoidances well enough by heart to be trusted with the eare of younger child And she also develops a number of simple t.æhniques. She learrrg to weave firm square balls from palm leaves, to make pinwheel* of palm leaves or frangipani blossoms, tn climb a coconut tree by walking up the trunk on flexible little feet. to break a c:æonut with one firrn well-directed blow of a knife as lung as she is tall, to piay a number of group games and sing the gong* v hieh go with Lliem_ to tidy the house by picking up the litter on the •tony floor, to bring water from the sea. to spread out the copra to dry and to help gather it in when rain threatens, to go t.o a neighboring 'house and bring buck a ligh faggot for the cliiers pipe nr the cook-house lire. 2. But in the ea•e of the little girls all these tasks are merely supplernent.n.ry to the main business Of baby-tending. Ve ry small also have sorne eare of the younger Children, but at eight or nine years of age they are usual ly of it. Whatever rough edges have not been smoothed off by this responsibility for younger chi Idren are worn their coniHCC with older boys. For little boys are admitted to interesting and important aetivities only so long as their behavior i* circumspect and helpful. 3. Where small girls are brusquely pushed aside, small will be paEientls• toleratH1 and they become adept at making themselves usefuL The fi•ur or five lit.t.le myg who all wish to assist at the important, business of helping grown youth lasso reef eels, organize themselves into n highly efficient working team'. one boy holds the bait, another holds an extra lasso, others poke eagerly about i r. holes in the reef looking for prey, while still another tucks the captured eels into his The small girls. burdened with heavy babies or the care of little *taggerers who are too small to adventure on the reef, digcour•awcd

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