PLEASE CHECK THE ANSWER WHICH PASSAGE CONTINUE IN LAST THREAD businos who know a great deal ab'ut analysing strategies, *balance sheets using computer—but Who still don't know how to manage, II. As a practical matter. or schools Can only far in teaching their students to manage, Only hurd knocks and work experience will fully develop the kind Of managerial traits, skills and virtue* that have discussed here. companies such as mine that hire aspiring young managers. that can help the pr=ang by providing good role and mentors , by setting clear standards and high expectations that emphasise the kind uf broad leadership traits that are important to the organisation and by rewarding the young managers accordingly. A. Choose the mast approi»-iate option: t--iv,e (a) The best way to learn to is . (i) to explicit goals to have high expectations (ii) to lony aspirations all of the above (b) Most Of the business on tii) creativity (i) analytical skills (ic) current issues (iii) enthusiasm (he following questions briefly: (a) What did the author think about the business schools in the beginning? (b) What qualities should an efficient manager have? (c) What does the author say about business schools? (d) What was the author by profession? How can the companies help their managers to be What do you understand by the term 'integrity'? •n the •imilar in meaning as; (b) painfully 'para 5) briefly and clearly (para Ii

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