A. a) iii. arrogance
b) i. buried in the caves
c) iv. all of the above
d) is correct

B- b), c) and d) are correct
a) Man started to adorn himself as he wanted to show others of his bravery in defeating and killing an animal. He may have adorned himself as the object reminded him of something or because he liked the shape r colour of a shell.
e) Man used flint tools to shape and cut animal skin, stone, shells, animal teeth, etc. They might have chewed animal skin to make it soft. Bone needles that are very fine and intricate have been found too.
f) the passage justifies that man is creative, innovative and productive. he used shells, stone, animal skin, etc. to adorn himself, make tools and make his life more comfortable.

C. a. ornament
b. elaborate

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