please check these answers on transformation of sentences along with their questions.

please check these answers on transformation of sentences along with their questions. In the sentence given above We have changed the form Of the sentences without altering the the tollowing sentences according to the instructions given in brackets Make that may but do not change the meaning of any sentence I am too busy to attend the party. (replace 'too' with •so' •that' ; soon friendship changed into . (Use the antcmyn of Trierxbhi$) This plane flies from Mumbai to Dubai. (Rewrite 'Bing and Never in my life have I Such an (Rewrite •nev«) She cannot if she does not wear glasses, (Use •unless' in place of 'if) a•he teacher is excellent." said the principal. "Every student she has taught likes her." 6. (Change 10 . John last night. (Begin : The The mangoes are too cheap to be fresh. (Use : Oh! that the wings ofa bird ! (Begin : I wish ..„.,) Don't you think gorgeous ? (Begin I think 10. London is the expensive city in world. (Write in the Fating too causes injury to our health. (Rewrite sentcucc using the adjective 'injurious) He has not toleru•« for anycme who ill or (Rewrite using verb 'will 13. not tolerate') — idiot What an idiot are (End 14. Raima speaks in a mylite manner. (Replace 'B'lite• with •Bylitely•) 15. Jute and cotton are grown in India (Begin : 16. Besides passing the examination. secured the first position. (Change to a sentence.) Begin : He not only to Win the match. (Begin : The captain wished that . We are going to the New Market. (write in the interrogative fonn) Look the thesawus and Mitc five words for transform usative excellent friendship polite

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions. Please note that it is not possible to read the answers that you have written as the images are blurred.
  1. I am so busy that I cannot attend the party.
  2. Soon friendship changed into enmity.
  3. This flight is from Mumbai to Delhi.
  4. I have not seen such an accident ever in my life.
  5. She cannot see unless she wears glasses.
  6. The principal said that the teacher was excellent and that every student whom she has taught liked her.
  7. The food was cooked by John last night.
  8. The mangoes are so cheap that it cannot be fresh.
  9. I wish I had the wings of a bird.
  10. I think I look gorgeous, don't I?
  11. London is more expensive than other cities in the world.
  12. Too much food is injurious to our health.
  13. He will not tolerate anyone who speaks ill about others.
  14. You are an idiot!
  15. Raima speaks politely.
  16. India is a cultivation ground for Jute and cotton.
  17. He not only passed the examination, but also secured the first position.
  18. The captain wished that the match would begin.
  19. Are we going to the New Market?
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