Please check this answers on voice.
Examples : The people were raising slogans. (active) Slogans were being raised. (passive) 
The experts were judging the possibility of such an incident. (active) The possibility of such an incident was being judged. (passive)

i) Fill in the blanks with the passive form of the verbs in past continuous tense :
1. The Old building _____ down in the city (pull)
2. All the old roads ____ (repair)
3. The records of the company _____ (check)
4. After the show the exit-gates _____ (close)
5. At the police-check post all the vehicles ____ (check)
6. The notebooks of the students ____ signed (sign)
7. All the roads to the Red fort ____ (cordon off)
8. The old house _____ (renovate)
9. The players _____ by all (encourage)
10. A laptop ______ by the college (provide)


  1. was being pulled
  2. were being repaired
  3. were being checked
  4. were being closed
  5. were being checked
  6. were being signed
  7. were being cordoned off
  8. was being renovated
  9. were being encouraged
  10. was being provided

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