Please check this poster making.
Poster on "Plastic bags to be banned"

- Good effort: the heading is appropriate.
- Add the points as suggested by your friend Nandini above.
- You need not write complete sentences in a poster, they can be phrases:
Plastic bags : choke drains
                       harmful for cattle
                       detrimental for environment
- Add a nice catchy slogan: 'Say no to plastic, avoid results drastic!'
- Try to make the complete poster on the same page.

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it is nice but dont write info in a form of something creative....
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Its correct but all the points are very basic
Add some tadka to these points
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Should add more points like
Plastic bags pollute our land and water
Plastic bags are not easy to recycle.
Plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources and contribute to climate change.
Plastic bags are harmful to human health.

Hope it helps :)
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