Please clear the process of conduction of nerve impulse during resting condition .i am confused.

During resting phase, neuron is not conducting any impulse. The axonal membrane is comparatively more permeable to potassium ions (K+) and is impermeable to sodium ions (Na+). In similar manner, the membrane is impermeable to negatively charged proteins present in the axoplasm. As a result to this, the axoplasm inside the axon contains high concentration of K+ and negatively charged proteins and low concentration of Na‚Äč+. In contrast, the fluid outside the axon contains a low concentration of K+, a high concentration of Na+ and thus form a concentration gradient.
These ionic gradients across the residing membrane are maintained by the active transport of ions by the sodium- potassium pump which transporters 3 Na outwards for 2 K+ into the cell. As, a result, the outer surface of the axonal membrane possesses a positive charge while its inner surface becomes negatively charged and therefore is polarised.

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