Please convert following simple sentences into complex sentences each containing a noun clause.
(1) The government confessed its weakness.   (2) He requested my help.   (3) He seems to have ben a good boy.   (4) The teacher  explained to the sudents the solution of the problem.     6) Let us hope for better times.   (7) I enquired of him the reason of his coming   (8) The news of his arrival lacks confirmation.   (9) Tell me the date of your birth.

1) The Government confessed that it had a weakness.
2)He requested that he needed my help.
3)It seemed that hehas been a good boy.
4)The teacher explained the students what the solution of the problem was.
5)We should hope that better times come.
6)I enquired what his reason for coming was.
7)It was not confirmed that he was arriving.
8)Tell me what your day of birth is.

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