please dear meritnation expert,

can u please explain to me the chapter of tenses in english.

Tenses are a part of grammar that indicate the time when the action of the verb takes place. Whether the action took place in past, is happening now or will happen in the future is indicated by the tense used in the sentence. For example:


I go to the park everyday. (Present tense)

I went to the park yesterday. (Past tense)

I will go to the park tomorrow. (Future tense)



Each of these tenses is divided into four kinds:


Simple Present: I go to the park.

Present Continuous: I am going to the park.

Present perfect: I have never gone to the park.

Present perfect continuous: I have been going to the park for last one year.




Simple past: I went to the park.

Past continuous: I was going to the park.

Past perfect: I had gone to the park when you came.

Past perfect continuous: At that time, I had been going to the park for two months.




Simple future: I will go to the park.

Future continuous:I will be going to the park.

Future perfect: I will have gone to the park by then.

Future perfect continuous: By next December, I will have been going to the park for one year.






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