Please edit the following passage -

Incorrect  correct
There is often things wrong with our  is  are
schools. Time and again we had always  (a)
 seen which a good teacher  (b)
 with enthusiasm as commitment  (c)
 can beat all odds in produce  (d)
 great students. While many man  (e)
together make the good school probably  (f)
 the one overriding factor less important  (g)
 than all the others was the good teacher.  (h)

A.  Incorrect B.correct.  C.incorrect   D.incorrect.  E.
  • -18
(a)had - have (b)which - that
  • 0
(a)had - have (b)which - that(c)as- and(d)is- to(e)man - men (f)the - a(g) less - more(h)was - is
  • 17
  • -5
(a)had - have                (b)which - that               (c)as- and              (d)is- to             (e)man - men           (f)the - a        (g) less - more      (h)was - is
  • -2 2.had-have 3.which -that -to 7. The -A 8.was-is
  • -5
All odds for produce greace student
  • -3
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