PLEASE EXPLAIN 6 TH QUESTION Use thefollowing info The H.c.F. 12 using Euclid's division idgorithm. 133763 = 10185 x a+b 10185=bx7+C The values ofa, b, and c ale respectively B. 14, 1247, and 368 D. 13, 1358,and543 A. 14, 1738,and368 . 13, 1358,and679 The square ofeverypositive integer can be expressed in tens ofm m is a B. 3m or 3m +2 A. 3m D. 3,n+2 V. 3m or 3m +1 Which ofthe following sets ofnumberscan be expressed in the form 4q + I or 4q + 3, B. Squares ofeven integers A. Cubes ofintegers D. Positive even integer; . Positive odd integers If68600 x (a+2)2 x (a+ 4)" , then what isth value of a? .3 Ifthe L.C.M. ofthe numbers 216 and 576 is ofthe form a2h x (a + 1 then the v respectively A. 6 and 2 B. 3and2 . 2 and 3 D. 6 and Which ofthe following lational numbers has a non-terminating decimal expansior 132 704 46 B. 1704 273 c. 156 135 D. 216 Which of the following rational numbers has a tenninating decimal expansion? 12 576 33 B. 528 11 484 14 D. 524 Use the following information to answer the next question. There ale 126 bags in a row. It is observed that starting from the first bag, ever ball, every sixth bag has a green ball, and every seventh bag has a red ball. How many bags contain all the thlee balls? bers

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x has a decimal expansion which is non-terminating repeating when  x=pq be a rational number such that the prime factorization of q is not of the form 2m × 5n where m,n are non-negative integers.a) 132704, factors of 704 are 26×1111×1226×11=1226Hence the number is terminating as denominator is in form of 26×50b) 461704, factors of 1704 are 23×3×71=2×23 23×3×71=23 22×3×71Hence the number is non terminating as prime factors contain 3 and71 alsoc) 273156 , factors of 156 are 22×3×13=3×7×1322×3×13722Hence the number is terminating as denominator is in form of 22×50d) 135216=5×3323×33523Hence the number is terminating as denominator is in form of 23×50Hence option B is correct


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