Please explain all the lines mentioned here.

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To to the paucity of time, we are unable to explain each and every individual sentence. However here are a short summary on the following conversation. 
In the following conversation, Mr. Lamb tells Derry that he can come into his garden whenever he wants. He even says that Derry could come help him pick apples if he wished to. Derry didn't know if he could do so. He feels suffocated by his family fussing over him all the time and wants to be alone, in a place that he could call his own, like Mr. Lamb's Garden. Mr. Lamb has no issue with this and says that Derry could come in whenever he wants, and sit doing nothing, just listening and watching the bees. 

Derry is still unable to understand why Mr. Lamb is so nice to him. He insults Mr. Lamb and says that he is lying about having friends, and calling him crazy. He says that Mr. Lamb is just like every other person who does not like Derry because of his burnt face. Mr. Lamb decides not to talk to Derry and goes away, to observe the bees.  Derry leaves, after shouting at Mr. Lamb, and telling him that he will come back to the garden. 


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