Please explain all

Please explain all QI) Do as directed: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The mist afford certain privacy.( Add a question tag) The plants seems to know it too. ( Use a noun for the underlined word) It helps me to lie awake. {Rewrite as negative) The story depicts the environmental destruction caused by the farmers. voice) It was here that Naveen came to India's rescue. Humour may be one of our best antidotes ( rewrite in positive degree) I could not concentrate on any subject and would get bored and feel sle only but also) When the term ended, I came 4th in the class. ( Identify the clause)

Dear Student,
  • The mist afford certain privacy, isn't it?
  • The plants seems to have its knowledge.
  • It helps me not to sleep.
  • The environmental destruction caused by the farmers is depicted by the story.
  • ( Question not clear)
  • No other antidote is as good as humour.
  • I cannot concentrate on any subject and not only do I feel bored but I also feel sleepy.
  • When the term ended - Relative clause


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