please explain finite and non-finite verbs with examples

The finite verb is that form of a verb that shows agreement with a subject and is marked for tense. If there is just one verb in a sentence it is definitely a finite one.

Instances of the same are:

  • I go, he ate, they ran, etc.

The non-finite form of verbs have no person or number, but some types can show tense.

Instances of the same are:

  • I am going, he had finished, they were playing, etc.

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finite verb is a form of a verb that has a subject (expressed or implied) and can function as the root of an independent clause;[1] an independent clause can, in turn, stand alone as a complete sentence.


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 non-finite verb (sometimes called a verbal) is any of several verb forms that are not finite verbs; that is, they cannot serve as the root of an independent clause.

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Examples:for finite verb:


Verbs appear in almost all sentences.
This sentence is illustrating finite and non-finite verbs.
The dog will have been trained well.
Tom promises to try to do the work.





Coming downstairs, she saw the man running away.

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