Please explain in detail.
Please explain in detail. 41 When one drop of a concentrated HCI solution is added to one litre of pure water at 250C, the pH drops suddenly from 7 to about 4. When the second drop of the same acid is added, the pH of the solution further drops to about (b) 2-0 (c) 1-0 (a) 3-7

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pH = -log[H+]Initially, pH=7or, -log[H+]=7or, [H+]=10-7After addition of one drop of HCl, pH=3or, -log[H+]=4or, [H+]=10-4So, [H+] in HCl =Final [H+]-Initial [H+]or, [H+] in HCl=10-4-10-7= 103Therefore, [H+] after addition of second drop will be =10-4+103=10-1and, pH=-log[H+]=-log[10-1]=1Hence, correct answer is (c)

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