Please explain me how to write letter to the station master complaining against the untidy condition of second class waiting room

 A/4,Shastri Nagar
 L.B.S. Marg,
 6th August, 2014.

Station Master,
New Delhi Railway Station, 

Subject : Complaint against untidy condition of second class waiting room


I am a resident of Delhi and regular commuter in the second class coach running from New Delhi Railway Station.I wish to bring to your notice the untidy condition of second class waiting room at New Delhi Railway Station,which has caused serious problems to the passengers.
Few days ago I was travelling from New Delhi to Bangalore.Train was three hours late. So I had to wait for three hours in waiting room. It had few chairs and tables. It did not have any fans.Toilets are not cleaned and not sanitised.Only one waiting room is available for second class which used to be overcrowded.It brings the negative effects on the passengers who commute through trains.
Consider these circumstances, I would like to ask you to improve the condition of waiting rooms, ensuring that rooms are properly sanitised and cleaned. I look forward to swift resolution to this matter.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

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