Please explain me the meaning of the following lines ;-

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black .
Oh , I kept the first for another day !
Yet knowing how way leads on to way ,
I doubled if I should ever come back .

Plzzz anr fst .....

The poet is talking about the two roads that diverged in the forest in different directions. One of the path was not commonly used and so the dry leaves had not been trampled upon by people. He thought that he would come some other day and travel on the other path but then he doubted whether if he would ever come back.

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the whole poem is clearly explained in,please kindly read it
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the speaker was travelling in morning. he was the first to come there. he chose to travel on the second road. he tells that choosing a road leads on to another road and so it goes and he doubts if he should be able to come back ever on the same destination
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