please explain me the poem "a thing of beauty" .

A Thing of Beauty is a poem written by John  Keats. Keats in this poem, uses simple words to express immortality of the beauty. According to Keats, a thing of beauty is an everlasting joy which only increases and never comes to an end.
Keats says that earth without beauty is a dead land, a despondent , a place not to live. Human being loose hope and enter gloom everyday but the beauty on earth is comes to rest their soul and calm their minds with its eternal joys. It eradicates the black cloud of gloom and despair and fills the human with happiness. Further in the poem, Keats provides instances for the things of beauty. Everyone on the Earth has its own definition of beauty. Some find beauty in the sun, moon, stars and flowers and others in the lap of Mother Earth. The mighty dead, the martyrs and the legends are also thing of beauty.

By the phrase "An endless fountain of immortal drink , pouring unto us from heaven's brink" the poet wants to say that there is fountain of the heaven that pours on us its nectar in the form of joy and happiness through its bounty of beauty. This nectar is immortal and will never and will continue to shower upon us.

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