Please explain the following lines:-
"-he was telling her something true, something she must know - and had no wish to hurry on."

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Though Jack was telling his daughter the story of an imaginary character named Roger Skunk, he was actually telling her the humiliations he had to suffer in his own childhood. And that is the reason why the narrator tells us that Jack was telling her something true. He could not tell his daughter how he had suffered and so he told it through the story of the character Roger Skunk. Jack did not want to hurry with the tale because he wanted his daughter to feel the pain that Roger Skunk had gone through.

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these lines have been taken from the chapter 'Should wizard hit mommy'.
he wanted Jo to face the reality of life.
she was in her growing years now and it was more or less important for her to know that life was not a fairy tale as she had learnt till now..
life does not go on the way we want it to .
in fact, life is what happens to us while we are planning and it is the courage to continue that counts!!
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