Please explain these two paragraphs.

Presently, the landlords learned that Germany had developed synthetic indigo. They, thereupon, obtained agreements from the sharecroppers to pay them compensation for being released from the 15 per cent arrangement.
The sharecropping arrangement was irksome to the peasants, and may signed willingly. Those who resisted engaged lawyers; the landlord hired thugs. Meanwhile the information about synthetic indigo reached the illiterate peasants who has signed, and they wanted their money back.


Basically, the landlords had made an agreement with the tenants that they need to grow 15% of their land with indigo which will be given to the landlords as rent for letting the tenants use their land. But, when they came to know about synthetic indigo being grown in german they did not require the 15% indigo anymore. Hence, they nulified the agreement settled earlier. And in return for such a relief, they demanded compensation for the same. Now, the peasants were unaware of the synthetic indigo being grown in german hence, a few of them agreed and paid compensation for the same. But, when they came to know the whole game n synthetic indigo being grown they demanded their money back.

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