Please explain this paragraph

Please explain this paragraph though industrial output or the production of goods went up by eight times during the period, employment in the industry went up by only 2.5 times. The same applies to tertiary sector as well. While production in the service sector rose by 11 times, employment in the service sector rose less than three times. As a result, more than half of the workers in the country are working in the primary sector. mainly in agriculture, producing only a quarter of the GDP. In contrast to this, the secondary and tertiary sectors produce three-fourth of the produce whereas they employ less than half the people. Does this mean that the workers in agriculture are •not producing as much as they could? underem contrast 1 have a jol unemplo •caned Sukhram two mem on his la able Q) through need five small does not farm. In people factory. the fami would much fn

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According to the given paragraph while the production and the share in GDP shifter from the primary sector to the industrial sector and the tertiary sector the same shift cannot be seen in terms of employment. 
This is primary because of the fact that employment in the industrial and tertiary sector requires higher level of skills which are lacking in the workers. 

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making of products increases eight times.job opportunity increases only 2.5 times,similarly in terrtary sector . production increases 11 timesbut employment  increases less then three times.thats why they work more in agriculture sector only on gDP comparsion secondary and tertiary sector make three forth of produce where they employ less than half of people. 
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