Please explain this paragraph

Please explain this paragraph Onsequences of environmental social scientists are working degradation do not respect national together. In general, the question or state boundaries; this issue is no Jonger region or nation specific.7 gevelopment or progress is Our future iS linked together. At all times as a member of Sustainability of development is and as individuals we need to ask comparatively a new area of where we want to go, knou-ledge in which scientists. become and what our goals are. sc eccnomists. philosophers and other the debate on development a can be Oeterm«.ed

The paragraph  describes the importance of nature for every life  that is present on the planet earth.It shows that the greed has gone beyond the limits;the nature ,environment are being polluted and degraded by the human interference.The world communities from all the walks of life whether environmentalists,philosophers etc are now leaving no stone unturned to aware the world about the consequences of the environmental degradation on life.The environment is linked in every part of the world no one is immune to the impacts of this degredation.In order to survive sustainability should be prioritised above every thing.

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