Please explain this statement -evolution is not a directed process in sense of determinism.justify

Excess use of herbicides, pesticides, etc., has only resultedin selection of resistant varieties in a much lesser time scale. This is alsotrue for microbes against which we employ antibiotics or drugs againsteukaryotic organisms/cell. Hence, resistant organisms/cells are appearingin a time scale of months or years and not centuries. These are examplesof evolution by anthropogenic action. This also tells us that evolution is nota directed process in the sense of determinism.
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Determinism literally means,
"The doctrine that all events including human action are determined by causes regarded as external to will." This means that evolution is not something we can direct or control. It's not something we can cause, it happens on its own accord.

The next line is "It is a stochastic process based on chance events in nature and chance mutation in organisms."
Here, Stochastic means: Having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analyzed statistically but may not be predicted precisely. This statement highlights the fact that evolution is a chance event.
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