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the restriction fragment contains a gene whose recessive allele is Lethal the normal gene has restriction sites for the restriction enzyme PST 1 at sides 1 and 2. The recessive allele lacks restriction site 1. an individual who had a sister with the little treat is being tested to determine if he is a carrier of that allele indicate which of these band patterns would be produced on a gel if he is a carrier.

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The correct option is d.

In the given case, total of 5 fragments would be produced i.e three fragments of normal allele and only two of recessive allele (as it lacks restriction site I). 

Among the five fragments the two fragments which are cut after restriction site II will be of same size and larger. Hence, they will move slow and upto same distance. Therefore they represent single last band in option D.

The other three fragments will be of different size and smaller than above mentioned fragment, hence they will move faster and form different three bands as shown in option D. 

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