Please fill the blanksby using appropriate Preposition or Adverb
I will take it_____with my sister tomorrow.
If you forget to feed him, he will run______.
Don’t worry_____the cat. He will soon settle_____with me.
The teacher gave______the exercise book to the class.
Put............your toys when you have finished playing_____them.
John rang______the cinema and tried to book two seats.
The dentist took_____two of my teeth.
Come..............., Marry! You are slowing_______the others.
She spent all her money _______her father’s present.
Kill the snake before it can get______into the grass.

Dear Student,

Such exercises are meant for your own practice and should be attempted on your own. However, I am providing you with some solutions so that you can have an idea. Kindly attempt the rest on your own. For any further assistance or for a review of your answers you may feel free to contact our experts.
  • Put away your toys when you have finished playing with them.
  • The dentist took out two of my teeth.

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