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please give 10 benefits of forests. 

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 (1) Among the most talked  about words  in the current times are “global warming”. And the good news is that forests cool the air by releasing water  vapors  into the air. This phenomenon is called vaporization.

(2) During day time the trees absorb carbon dioxide, which is a green house gas, and release oxygen.

(3) Forests are excellent sound barriers and thus help contain noise pollution.

(4) Their artistic value is beyond what can be put in words.

Forests important(5) If forests are well managed, they improve the quality of water in the surrounding areas.

(6) In addition to improving the water quality, forests have also been found to raise the ground water table.

(7) The wood that forests supply in plenty is useful in different ways.

(8) It is not difficult to find as many as 1500 invertebrates on a singletree in a typical rain forest. Some of these species hold the keys to scientific mysteries and they are useful in drug research.

(9) Those who are blinded by the glitter of gold, here is a fact. Forests add to the economy. The tourists, herbs etc are a good source of income.

(10) Forest help limit the damage that a typical flood would cause if the forests were not there

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