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please give a answer UNSEEN PASSAGE I. Read the passage and answer the questions. (2008 Cloning is one of the major break-throughs Of the late twentieth century in the field Of genetic Itie first cloned animal, Dony, was created in 1997 in Scotland. The method used iS nuclear transter. enere me nucleus Of a cell is isogated and implemented into on 'empty' egg. The egg is made to Start growing with the help Of an electrk: spark. It is then transferred to another animal, which in due course gives birth to a young one. Alth-ough the technique is being used by scientists to clone plants and animals, cloning is a fiercely issue when it concerns human beings. In spite of its apparent benefits to humanity. such as tor example removing chances of geneticalty inherited diseases, there are many people Who believe that cloning human beings woubd be unethical and would lead to horrifying consequences. The debate continues with some countries asking that the practice be while others argue that cloning could simply be regulated. This led to the UN General Assembly's decision in November 2003 to delay a ban on cloning by two years. I. Which branch of science "does cloning belong to 2. What is nuclear transfer? 3. How is cloning beneficial to human bei ngs ? 4. Why is cloning a fiercely de bated issue? 5. Why did the UN delay a ban on cloning by two years?

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