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Please give answer Understanding the 'IQ•xt A the following sentences are true or false. when the winds roared Godfrey would shut the door. Z parents would order him to shut the door. G«ffrey was threatened to be sent to Singapore. -a be sent on a voyage of penance. irnmediately was ready to for Singapore. finally agreed to shut the door. Answer the following questions. What was Godfrey known as? 2. State an example to show that rwthing could make him shut the door 3. Mth what is Godfrey's deafness to the pleas compared? 4, What would the folks ask Godfrey?C 5 Why did he finally agree to shut the door? Answer these questions with reference to the context. His father would beg his mother implore, Who is referred to as his? 2 What did his parents beg for? 3, What was his response to his parents' plea? 4. When did he beg for mercy? 5 What message does the poem give us?

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