please give essays on deforestation and their problems,so trees can be prevented.

Such questions test your creative and writing skills and must be attempted on your own. However, the following points will help you elaborate:

--Modern world, a progressive world. New technologies are being used which are of great use to all humans.

--However, incessant deforestation and over use of resources to fulfil the increasing demands of the people.

--Everything is being cemented leaving no breathing space for trees even if they are not cut.

-- Deforestation done for space, fuel and other resources. The greedy nature of the humans.

--Forests and trees are homes to many species of insects, animals and birds. Thus, humans for their selfish needs putting other species of the world in danger and might lead to extinction of some of them if such practices are not stopped.

--Deforestation loosens the soil which leads to landslides, floods, etc.

--Forests, trees are major climate maintainers. Cutting them leads to severe climate change, decreased rainfalls and possible droughts. Also, major source for oxygen as well which is of great importance for the humans.

--Deforestation is one of the major causes of global warming apart from pollution, etc.

-- Need to check human consumption and to understand their responsibility towards their environment. Need for human accountability for their actions.

--Planting of trees is necessary. Focus should be on increasing the green cover. Not causing any harm to them.

--Protect forests. Say not to deforestation. Depleting forests/green cover would ultimately lead to destruction of the human race as well as it is dependent on its environment.

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