Please give me 2 facts on each please:

Water Conservation

Save Girl Child

Blood Donation

Tree Plantation

  1. Water conversion-Lack of access to clean water and sanitation kills children at a rate equivalent of a jumbo jet crashing every four hours
  2. More than 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes. Nearly all deaths, 99 percent, occur in the developing world.
  3. Save girl chid-World of agirl childis promising but yet very gloomy, it is full of hope but still in hopeless situation. Daughter is the one that knots the whole family together in one.
  4. She is the one that makes our life extra special and brings extra sunshine, laughter and happiness to our daily life. A Woman is one that shapes the civilization.
  5. Blood Donation-Safe blood saves lives and improves health
  6. It is also needed for regular transfusions for people with conditions such as thalassaemia and sickle cell disease and is used to make products such as clotting factors for people with haemophilia.
  7. Tree plantation-Trees help to conserve energy
  8. Trees help to reduce air pollution
  9. Trees can create wildlife habitats
  10. Trees are necessary for wind reduction and control
  11. The roots of trees help bind the soil and reduce soil erosion

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