please give me a diary entry about when i was alone at home and i heard a sound...

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These questions are pretty interesting and give you the liberty to weaving a story out of your imagination. These questions are given to judge you on your capability of expressing yourself in your own words. Here are some pointers which you can expand using your own words.
1.As the time will be according to your choice, you can make it late in the evening.
2.Current was out. You alone at home.
3.You could not see in the dark. A dog barked outside at a near distance.
4.There came a sudden gust of wind.
5. Then you heard a noise. You thought it to be the wind...but it was something else....

Hope this will clear your doubts about writing a diary entry on the above mentioned topic.

If you have any more doubts just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible.


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15feb 2015
dear diary

today i was alone at home. once i heard a sound. i was scared and went to see what had happen but nothing had happened. soon as my mother came i told her all the story. good night diary.
your name
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Dear dairy
when I was without my mom at home. I suddenly heard a voice and I got scared. I went to see want happen and that was.
ants taking out sugar from the kitchen cabinet and I start laughing cause I got scared with sound of ants and told her what happen and she two started laughing. it was nice time
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