please give me a short note on "project tiger"...

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The answer to your question is as follows:

Project Tiger was campaign launched for the conservation of tiger, India’s national animal, in 1973. It was determined that the tiger population had declined from 55,000 around the turn of the century to 1827 by 1973. The project aimed to counter major threats to tiger population such as poaching, loss of habitat, depletion of prey and increasing human population. The project met with initial success with increase in tiger population up to 4002 in 1985. However, by 1993 their population had declined to 3600. 40 tiger reserves covering a total area of 37,761 sq. km. have been established for the protection of tigers and their habitat. Prominent among them are Corbett National Park, Sundarbans, Bandhavgarh National Park and Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. The administration of Project Tiger is under the National Tiger Conservation Authority. The project is oriented towards management of the habitat to minimize human disturbances in their core areas and prevent conflicts with tiger.

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