Please give me answer of question 2,3,4 full

Please give me answer of question 2,3,4 full •hemical les Biotic rocesses Bio 2. Oxygen cycle 2 Correct and rewrite the following statements ond justify your Carnivores occupy the second trophic a. level in the food chain. b. The flow of nutrients in an ecosystem is considered to be a 'one way' transport. c. Plants in an ecosystem are called primary consumers. a. Energy flow through an ecosystem is •one way' b. Equilibrium is necessary in the various bio-geo-chemical cycles. Flow of nutrients through an ecosystem •plain the f0110"ing cycles in your •ords "ith suitable diagrams. n cycle. Oxygen cycle.

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2. a) Carnivores occupy the third tropic level of the food chain. First tropic level is the producers, Second is the herbivores and third level is the carnivores.

c) Plants in the ecosystem are called producers, because they produce the food using the sunlight. This food passes on to the creatures of the ecosystem.

3. a) Energy flow in the ecosystem is one way because the energy enters into the producers through sunlight and further passes on to the further tropic levels. This energy does not come back to the previous tropic levels.


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