Please give me answer of this question from chapter 4 (agriculture) of geography class 10 -

Q1. Why did the government of India do not implement the scheme of ''paid farmers'' for the farmers in India as our everyone who is doing a job gets? Isn't that good for farmers to grow economically ?

Dear Student,

a. Every country has its own economic and agrarian policies which are so framed and implemented depending on the situations.
b. USA as per its adjustment agricultural act, paid farmers, subsidies to stop crop production, which was directed to reduce agricultural surpluses in the midst of growing economic crisis in the country.
c. India on the other hand may not have implemented a scheme, of paid farmers but provides for minimum support price in which government buy the surplus from the farmers.
d. The declaration of minimum support price and procurement has contributed to an increase in food grains production and provided income security to farmers in certain regions.
e. MSP rather has given a sense of security to farmers guaranteeing them minimum price of their produce
f.  Besides that there are other schemes which have been farmed to assist and support farmers.


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