Please give me easy on importance of women educationan in their life (about350-400words) please give me fast

Dear Student,

Times have changed and with the changing times things have become much better for women . There was a time when women were not allowed to go out and study. They were required to sit back home and learn household chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, stitching etc. Even as a child, they were not allowed to play or indulge in any physical activities. This restricted their knowledge and understanding.

However, today, with a change in thinking, the upbringing of women has improved a lot. They are getting equal opportunities to study whether it is in school or college. They are also getting a chance to work if they want to. Be it sports, education or the corporate world, they are getting support from their families. All this has considerably changed the scenario. With the right exposure and guidance, women have become much smarter, intelligent and knowledgeable. They are able to support their families. They are better equipped to face challenges and are emotionally strong beings. They are confident and ready to excel in all fields. Education has definitely made their lives better.

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