Please give me some points to write an article on 'threats to democratic setup in India'

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Here are some points:
  • Majority leading to fascism 
  • The degree of literacy of residents is vital to both the effective working of vote based system and financial improvement of the nation. 
  • Poverty is considered as the best most despicable aspect of vote based system. It is, truth be told, the main driver of a wide range of hardships and disparities. It is the condition of disavowal of chances to individuals to lead a sound and satisfying life. 
  • Discrimination against young girls and ladies exists in all social statuses. 
  • Casteism has assumed a negative job even in the vote based political procedures. Indeed, casteism has gotten infamous as a procedure of misuse of standing awareness for limited political additions. The standing framework acts against the foundations of majority rule government. 
  • Communalism is an attack against India's patriot character and a disastrous misfortune to its advancing common culture. It is incendiary of our vote based political security and destroyer of our wonderful legacy of humanism and composite culture. 
  • Indian vote based system has additionally been battling with regionalism which is a result of local differences and irregular characteristics being developed. 
  • The appendages of corruption have influenced all organs of government, including the legal executive.

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WITH Home Minister Amit Shah sitting in front of him, corporate magnate Rahul Bajaj bravely stated, ?You are doing good work, but if we want to openly criticize you, there is no confidence you will appreciate that.? While Shah himself deflected the response, government ministers and those supportive of the government were quick to attack Bajaj for his question.
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