1. United we stand, divided we fall!

2. We are one!

3. Caste, colour, creed aside,

  Humanity is by what we abide!

4. Work together, work as one!

  Stronger than our nation there will be none!

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Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Look back, to slavery, to suffrage, to integration and one thing is clear. Fashions in bigotry come and go. The right thing lasts.

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do you want about india???

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Essay on National Integration in India.

Introduction:India is a land of various races; various religious and various languages. Still then, the Indians developed into one nation by the influence of common territory, common history and common fight for freedom against the foreign rule.But when India came under the British, the English ruler followed the policy of Divide and Rule in order to perpetuate their authority over India. Consequently the racial, the religious and the linguistic groups in the Indian nation first  began to disintegrate emotionally and psychologically and then desired to disintegrate territorially. This resulted into division of India into Bharat and Pakistan. India the integrity of the Indian nation is awfully threatened as the communal quarrels are fanned by the hostile neighbours of India. Hence, the necessity of strong national Integration in India

has become so urgent at present.

What should be done:

There are, in India, various religious communities, such as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and Parses. Each community should appreciate every other community. Each community should love every other community, respect the prophets of every other community. Each community should observe the great days of every other community. Each community should help and share the religious festivals of every other community. A religious community should avoid doing any such thing which is a taboo for any other religious community.

There are in India, various linguistic groups speaking different languages, such as Hindi, Urdu, Bangali, Oriya, Assamee, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and so on. Each linguistic group should respect the language of every other linguistic group. Every Indian student should be given full facility to learn through his own language wherever he is in India.


National integration in India is a crying need of the day. The Government of our country has founded the Council of National Integration. It is hoped that the people of India will co-operate with it in all its programmes.



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SHORT ESSAY  India has a unique and wonderful culture embracing in diversities of castes, languages and religions. It is a land of different castes, creeds etc. Inspite of these divergences there was always a general feeling oneness and Indianness.

All the cultural | tradition of India is characterized by unity in diversity. The fundamental unity was never lost inspite of all changes and developments.

During the great Indian Freedom Movement people with difference of languages, regions, castes and creeds etc. join their hands to drive out British power from the soil of India. It truly speaks the concept of "United we stand divided we fall".

But in recent years, unprecedented havoc of communalism, terrorism, casteism, linguism and provincialism raised its ugly heads in different pockets of India. The menace of antisocial and antinational force posed a severe challenge to the survival of democracy in our country. Even the life of common people is in peril.

Therefore after Independence national integration has become a problem for us. We are thinking in terms of fostering understanding among the people of this subcontinent through mass consciousness and education.

Pandit Nehru, once said that "Political Integration has already taken place but what I am after is something much deeper than that an emotional integration of Indian people so that two may be welded into one strong national unity, maintaining at the same time all our wonderful diversity"

National unity or national integration finds its expression through the feeling of oneness, common, identity, nationalism patriotism and sense of loyalty towards the nation. When the feeling of cooperation and brotherhood manifests itself in the sense of mutual oneness among the citizens of the nation become conscious of national unity identity and integrity.

National integration is a sentiment in which the people of a country have the feeling of living together with goodwill for all, the desire of Co-operation and sympathy for each other, the willingness to forget difference of caste, language, religion and region etc. to work together for the welfare of the country.

Above all, the duty consciousness as the citizens of a multi-religious and multilingual country. A man being imbibe with national, Unity forgets all bias and differences.

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The verdict highlights the need to urgently arrest Bosco Ntaganda, who is currently a general in the Congo army in Goma and continues to evade justice.

The guilty verdict shows that when national authorities fail to investigate these crimes the international community can ensure human-rights abusers like Lubanga are brought to justice.

Today’s verdict is a warning to anyone who commits the horrific crime of using and abusing children both on and off the battlefield

The accused and his co-perpetrators agreed to, and participated in, a common plan to build an army for the purpose of establishing and maintaining political and military control over Ituri ... This resulted in the conscription and enlistment of boys and girls under the age of 15

The Russian authorities had – theoretically they still have – a chance to reciprocate with a similar move, instead of resorting to demagogy and instead of looking for pretexts to justify their refusal to ease life of ordinary Georgian citizens

I want to emphasize, that this cooperation is not directed against anyone ... Of course, this cooperation strengthens Georgia’s self-defense capabilities and deepens our interaction [with the international community] over tackling international challenges.

The defense and security cooperation between Georgia and the United States is deepening and it will continue; neither Mr. Lavrov nor the entire Russian government can influence it.

It is not their [Russian authorities’] business.

I met with [the U.S. Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton [in New York on March 12] and raised another serious issue – the U.S.-Georgian military exercises are starting ... Scenario of the exercises is suppression of rebellion. It seems somewhat provocative..

He [Saakashvili] was in Washington not long ago [in late January] and after talks with Obama he said, that the U.S. would restore in its full capacity military cooperation with them [Georgia]. We have asked Americans and it turned out that he [Saakashvili] has exaggerated perceptions of what he actually heard [at the meeting with President Obama]

One of our goals in 2012 is to expand our relationships with credit unions across the U.S., and it was an easy decision to partner with SWBC in order to make this goal a reality

We are honored that our client, the CJCC, was acknowledged by ACT-IAC for achievements in developing 'excellence in intergovernmental collaboration' ... This is the second time that CJCC has been awarded an award and we are especially pleased to contribute to their success..

programs that are designed and/or operated with close cooperation and coordination between different levels of government..

Loblaw is honoured to be recognized as one of the Best Employers for New Canadians. We are proud of the impact that our recruitment and orientation approach and processes have had in enabling and supporting a workplace culture that contributes to successful integration of our new colleagues.

Singapore is making this great push to raise our productivity levels across all sectors, recognising that the older model or this mechanism of foreign workers that we have relied on for so many years, is not something that is sustainable going forward.

It is already tough for staff to go for training, much less overseas. It is also difficult to retain good people in this sector, as we are competing with the big companies - this has an impact on productivity..

I believe NCTC is an absolute necessity. A number of states have supported its formation ... I do not believe it violates the federal structure.

This was done in the case of the Lokpal and Lokayukta bill too.

We are very firm, our party is very firm, our leader has thought over the matter and it has been discussed within the party.

We are seeking an amendment to the reference to NCTC should be deleted.

I generally get a lot of questions about our contract negotiations and how things are going with labor generally.

I'm pleased we have momentum. Our pilots are very frustrated..

Pilots are still scheduled separately. A Continental pilot can't fly a United plane. Running two separate airlines has got to be more expensive than operating one.

Negotiations are going very well.

The people of Somalia have recently made substantial progress in reconciling communities and beginning to rebuild the institutions of their shattered state.

He hid till the afternoon when he came out seeking for help.

The militant was injured in the leg

The military has learnt its lessons; there is an increasing realisation that the country came worse off after every spell of military rule. There is a greater mass support for democracy.

Across the spectrum, all political parties are agreed that the military's role in politics should be eliminated. The democratic roots are getting stronge

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