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please give me speech on (man is the destroyer of nature).

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On the basis of role of man, the environment is often termed as natural environment and human environment.

Natural Environment: The earlier view was that natural environment is the area which has not been approached by man. People often called it 'nature'. But today there is hardly any area that has not been approached by man. Man is able to reach the remotest places like mountain peaks, dense rain forests, ocean bottoms etc. Even the Antartica, the coldest region over earth has been conquered by man. Now all those areas are considered the part of natural environment which have been least affected by man.

Human Environment: The human environment on the other side includes all those areas that have been totally been altered by man's activities like agriculture, mining, industralization, housing, urbanization etc. From the olden ages as the civilization grew more and more, the environment transformed from natural to human. With the perspective of brainy skills of man, we observe cities, roads, railways, airports, bridges, tunnels, industries and many more feature around us. Modern man of today is called the economic man. 

Destruction as well as reconstruction of environment by man: Equipped with the latest technological tools the economic man has been exploiting the natural resources. The rate of exploitation is alarmingly high. With a view to control the reckless exploitation, a group of people started warning man against the destructive use of natural environment. They are called, the environmentalists. These people are getting a lot of support from various sections of society and governments. As a result, almost all the countries have enmarked upon several areas where human imprints cannot be seen. Such areas are called national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. In many cases governments can create it into recreational spots. No doubt man is responsible for reckless exploitation, but it is he who plays a key role in suggesting ways for environment planning and management. He has the capability to repair the affected part of environment. For example- If man makes use of toxic insectisides and pesticides, it is he who suggests ways like organic farming. If he is involved in destructive activities of mining and deforestation, he only suggests ways like national parks and biosphere reserves.

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